Most clubs visiting Whitby will dive the wreck of the German Submarine the UC 70 which lies in around 25 metres general depth, sat upright, this is a really good dive and one which is highly recommended. The UC 70 was spotted by a seaplane, which dropped a bomb large enough to sustain critical damage; this was followed up by depth charges from the destroyer HMS Ouse. The submarine went down all hands on August 28 1918, and is a war grave and should be respected as such local fisherman have quite strong feelings about divers and the submarine. The hatches are open and you can see inside her but under NO circumstances should any attempt be made to enter the wreck. The gun sits on top and is well worth inspection, a slack water dive that is sometimes buoyed by the local charter boat. There is normally a shoal of Bib or Pollack around the Stern.