The steamship HETTY was sunk in collision off Whitby by a foreign steamer. At the time of the accident a dense fog prevailed, and the HETTY was in such a serious condition that the captain ordered the crew and passengers to take to the boats. Directly after the boats had got away a few yards from the steamer she went down. This is an old iron hulled, well decayed wreck. At the bow there is only the stem post, a winch and 3 anchors. Follow a small port edge of free board aft to a single scotch boiler. Only see one furnace on the starboard side can be seen and there may be up to two more buried. There was a small aft, compound engine tipped forward on its end. A pile of pig iron ingots form the cargo in the aft end of the hold(s). The remains of a brass telegraph head was found on the starboard side in front of the boiler. The bows are to the SE.