We are currently developing Mobile phone apps for details and positions of shipwrecks off Whitby on the Yorkshire coastline.

This information will be of particular intrest to Divers, Anglers, and Boat Owners in the Whitby area.

Screenshots of the applications are shown below, this app is being provided free of charge and is available from the iTunes App store.
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Among the wrecks listed are :- Rohilla, Admiral Van Tromp, Hetty, Skane, Polruan, UC70, Giraldo, Vanland, Sparrow, African Transport, Athos, Britannia, Paris, Paul, Fred Everard, Afrique, Wallsend, Anboto Mendi, Deptford, Audax, Ellida, Lochille, Hartley, Hercules, Disperser, Pandora, Presto, Stora Korsnas Link I, UB30, Venetia

This film by ED Torsney shows footage of Rohilla toward the end. The film is well worth viewing with some excellent arcive material. this link is provided with permission form Ed. http://edtorsney.co.uk/archives/395

All the wrecks are described for example, Rohilla : " No visit to Whitby would be complete without a trip to Whitby's most famous wreck, the hospital ship the Rohilla. A commissioned liner lost early Friday morning on the 30th October 1914. During wartime blackouts she was caught in a severe Southeast gale when she ran onto reef just a mile south of the harbour. Many heroic rescues were made to save those on board, with quite a few losses. The inshore end of the wreck lies in about 6 metres whilst the seaward end sits in around 15 metres, there are very large boilers to be seen, with lots of wreckage left."

Many thanks to Colin of Whitby Dive Site who has kindly given permission for the use of GPS and descriptive data collected by him over many years.

We have now launched an App for some of the shipwrecks off the New York area in the USA. We will be continually adding wrecks to the data set for this app.
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